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Visiting the Wonderful Yogyakarta Indonesia

Indonesia is an awesome country to visit. This is a big country and there are many islands. Because of this fact, this country has many rich cultures and views. Of course, many tourism resorts are available to choose. Each province can be visited to have a new experience of awesome trips. Surely, this country will be the best choice for travelling. In this case, it is true that each province in Indonesia has its own characteristics and attractive tourists, and among the provinces, Yogyakarta becomes one of the recommended places to visit.

Yogyakarta is one of the provinces in Java, specifically in the middle part of Java. This province becomes so special because of the cultural heritage. This province is actually a kingdom and it still has its own king as the governor of this country. Of course, this provides great cultural tourists to find. There are also great natural wonders to see in Yogyakarta.

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For its cultural heritage, Yogyakarta Indonesia has its central in the Keraton. Keraton is the king’s palace. The king of Yogyakarta itself is called Sultan. People can visit some areas of Keraton because some areas are open to visit. There are many interesting things, including the history and cultural values provided by Keraton. In this case, Keraton is not the only tourist spot to visit. People can also see Prambanan Temple on the east. The Temple consists of some big temples and they are great temples. Good history and legend are also provided to enjoy. Related to the legend, there is Sendratari as the art performance held every month in this temple.

For the natural wonders, there are many interesting beaches on the southern part of Yogyakarta. Bantul and Gunung Kidul are the regions providing special beaches to visit. Some beaches have been so famous, yet there are also some beaches undiscovered by many people. There are also many natural views provided by the karts, such as Pindul Cave with its cave tubing and other great natural wonders.

There are still many other things to visit and enjoy in Yogyakarta. Because of the richness, Yogyakarta is also called as the Never Ending Asia. To access, this province can be done quite easily. There are many options to go to Yogyakarta so people do not need to worry about the access. For the airplane, there is the international airport. There are many daily flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and other big towns of Indonesia. Furthermore, an international flight can also land in this region. Trains and buses are the alternative options to choose. With this great access and great tourism spots, surely Yogyakarta is a great destination to visit.